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An international television and radio interview show now in its seventh season, "Faith & Culture" helps viewers move beyond the day’s headlines, consider contentious debates from a Christian perspective, and learn to explain and defend Christian principles in the public square. Join host Colleen Carroll Campbell each week as she travels to cities across America to discuss today's most pressing social and political issues with leading authors, artists, activists, and public intellectuals. The television show airs  three times weekly on the Eternal Word Television Network (EWTN). The radio show airs on EWTN Global Radio Network, Sirius Satellite Channel 130 and Relevant Radio. EWTN is the world's largest religious media network, transmitting programs to more than 148 million homes in 144 countries and territories.

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TV: "Faith & Culture" airs on television in the U.S. and Canada on Sundays at 5 p.m. Eastern (2 p.m. Pacific); Wednesdays at 10:30 p.m. ET (7:30 p.m. Pacific); and again Sundays at 1 a.m. Eastern (Saturdays at 10 p.m. Pacific) on EWTN. Information about the show's international air times can be found here; find your continent and click "grids." 


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Radio: "Faith & Culture" airs on radio Saturdays at 6 p.m. ET / 5 p.m. CT and Sundays at 6 a.m. ET / 5 a.m. CT on EWTN global radio and Sirius Satellite Channel 130. The show also airs Sundays at 4:30 p.m. CT on Relevant Radio. *


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2012 programs and guests


Erika Bachiochi
The pro-woman case against abortion


Dr. James Stenson
How to be a parent leader


Dr.  Angela Franks
The feminist case against contraception


Jim Towey
Catholic identity in higher education


Dr. Jem Sullivan
Evangelizing a visual culture


Dr. Patrick Fagan
The social costs of pornography


Dr. Laura Garcia
The feminist case for Catholic teaching on women


Dr. Peter Kreeft
The ecumenism of orthodoxy


Br. Rahl Bunsa and Br. Sam Gunn
Campus ministry to lapsed Catholics


Sally Thomas

The case for Catholic homeschooling


Past programs and guests

Dr. Jennifer Roback Morse
Promoting Marriage on Campus 

Danielle Rose Skorich
Music and the New Evangelization

Dr. Richard Johnson
The Spiritual Benefits of Aging

Eileen Haupt and Leticia Velasquez
Keeping Infants with Down Syndrome

Bishop Robert Hermann
The Charismatic Renewal and the New Evangelization

Deacon John Green
Ministering to Men on the Streets

Leah Darrow
Modeling and Modesty

Dr. William Brennan
Dehumanizing Language

Elizabeth M. Kelly
Looking to Heaven

Dr. Lawrence Feingold
Art and Conversion

Leon Suprenant
Reclaiming Vatican II

Dr. Leonard Rybak
Conscience Rights

Dr. Dianne Traflet
The Spirituality of St. Edith Stein

Bishop Robert Hermann
Joyful Culture Warriors

Tom Peterson
Sharing our Catholic story

Wesley J. Smith
Animal Rights Extremism

Dr. Meg Meeker
The Different Needs of Boys and Girls

Carl Landwehr
Marketing the Pro-Life Message

Martin and Mae Duggan
The Future of School Choice

Rev. Robert Barron
Beige Christianity and Bold Evangelization

Dr. Thomas F. Madden
Setting the Record Straight on the Middle Ages

Deanna Witkowski
Music as a Form of Prayer

Nancy Valko
The Push for Euthanasia in Health Care

Dr. Russell R. Reno
Spiritual Stability in an Age of Seekers

Rev. Joseph Classen
Appreciating Nature the Catholic Way

Kevin O’Brien
Catholic Theater Revival

Patrick Madrid
The Future of Catholic Apologetics

Dr. Meg Meeker
Habits of Happy Mothers

Dr. Patrick Lee
Why Bodies Matter

Archbishop Robert Carlson
Defending Marriage

 Dinesh D’Souza
Refuting the New Atheists

Dr. Roger Scruton
Defending Western Culture 

Kathryn Lopez
Catholics in Political Journalism  

Dr. Ralph McInerny
Links between Fiction and Philosophy

Eric Brende
Technology Addiction

Dr. Thomas Farr
Promoting Religious Freedom

Steven Mosher
Population Control

Dr. Freda Oben
St. Edith Stein’s Christian Feminism

Victoria Thorn
Post-Abortion Healing

Richard Thompson
Legal Threats to Religious Liberty

Dr. Allan Carlson
The Roots of Today’s Family Crisis

Cassandra DeBenedetto
Students for Chastity

Deirdre McQuade
Pro-Life Progress Despite Political Losses

Sheila Liaugminas
Christians Consuming Secular Media

Rev. Thomas Dubay, S.M.
 Beauty Matters

Dr. David Solomon
 Catholic Culture on Campus

Duncan Stroik
 The Renewal of Sacred Architecture

Thomas Levergood
 Reviving the Catholic Intellectual Tradition

Sen. Rick Santorum
The Future of the Pro-Life, Pro-Family Movement

Dr. Edmund Pellegrino
The Future of Medicine and Medical Ethics

Rev. Richard Neuhaus
 Faith and Values in Politics

Maggie Gallagher
The Gay Marriage Debate

Mary Eberstadt
 Home-Alone America

Brent Bozell
 Anti-Catholic Media Bias

Dawn Eden
 The Challenge of Chastity

Dr. Paul Vitz
 Reconciling Christianity and Psychology

Ramesh Ponnuru
 Myths of the Culture of Death

Steven Greydanus
 The Gospel According to Hollywood

Richard Doerflinger
 The Human Cloning Debate

Dr. Steven Rhoads
  Why Sex Differences Matter

Mother Agnes Mary Donovan, S.V.
  Pro-Woman Sisters of Life

Dr. Michael Brescia
  Compassionate Care for the Dying

Danielle Bean
  Catholic Families in Cyberspace

Dr. Brad Wilcox
        How Faith Shapes Husbands and Fathers

Dr. William May
  End-of-Life Ethics

Dr. Joe Loconte
  The International Human Rights Debate

Marjorie Dannenfelser
  Pro-Life Women in Politics

Dr. Peter Lawler
  The American Soul

Anna Halpine
  Youth Defending Human Dignity

Sr. Nirmala Joshi, M.C.
         In the Footsteps of Mother Teresa 

Rev. Brian Kolodiejchuk, M.C.
  The Dark Night of Mother Teresa

Chuck Colson
  Evangelicals and Catholics Together

Helen Alvare
  The Church in the Public Square

Ed Whelan
  The Future of the Supreme Court

Serrin Foster
  Pro-Life Feminism

Patrick Reilly
  Catholic Identity on Campus

Jim Towey
  The Future of Compassionate Conservatism

Dr. Mary Shivanandan
  A New Christian Vision of Marriage

Michael Novak
  The Faith of America's Founding Fathers

Raymond Leo Cardinal Burke
  Catholics at the Ballot Box

Dr. Robert P. George
  Why Marriage Matters

Barbara Elliott
  Faith in the Streets

Dr. Gregory Beabout
  John Paul II and the Dignity of Work

Dr. Raymond Dennehy
  Debating Abortion

Suzanne Venker
  The Mommy Wars

Mitch Muncy
  Managing the Media

Dr. John Haas
  The Ethics of Infertility

Helen Hull Hitchcock
  How Liturgy Shapes Culture

Christopher West
  Romantic Love and Love of God

Dr. J. Budziszewski
  Moral Truths We Can't Not Know

Dolores Meehan and Eva Muntean
  The Walk for Life West Coast

Wesley J. Smith
  Death with Dignity

Daniel diSilva
  The Christian Artist

Dr. Stephen Barr
  God and the Scientist

Phyllis Schlafly
  Grassroots Activism 101

Mark Brumley
  Catholic Literature in the Internet Age

Rev. Tadeusz Pacholczyk, Ph.D
  Making Sense of Stem Cells

Dr. James Hitchcock
  Runaway Judges

Genevieve Kineke
Dale O’Leary
Teresa Tomeo
Elizabeth Kirk
Donna-Marie Cooper O’Boyle

The Dignity of Women
(Special four-part roundtable series)

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